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Footwear & Tips For Diabetics

Footwear & Tips For Diabetics
By Kiri Novak 4 years ago 7005 Views No comments

e at Sandpiper Shoes, we understand the issues you deal with better than most. Not wearing the right footwear can cause further damage by exacerbating the problem, as the lack of sensitivity means that rubbing can cause welts and abrasions which, if left untreated, can become infected. Without proper foot care, diabetes causes foot ulcers, irritation, infections of the flesh and bone, hammertoes and bunions.

Education is key. Knowing the danger points for your feet and minimising the risks by taking steps to prevent damage is crucial to staying healthy.

Minimising risk in this way ensures fewer obstacles and further damage down the line. Shoes for Diabetics have a soft lining, to prevent rubbing in the areas where it is in contact with the foot.  Offering padding around the ankle, Sandpiper Shoes protect your feet from hard edges that could rub or cut into your feet.

The styles in the Sandpiper Shoes for Diabetes range offer an almost seam-free design, meaning far less rubbing and chaffage, particularly at the front of the shoe.  The ultra-soft toe-puff covers hard edges to minimise damage when putting on or removing shoes by preventing bruising or cuts which can become infected.

The soft leather lining also helps your feet to breathe which is essential if you suffer from diabetes.  Although synthetic linings can allow your feet to breathe – they can also conversely cause your feet to become sweaty and subsequently cause additional rubbing.

Feet which swell in the way that diabetics’ feet do are notoriously difficult to cater for. Buying shoes which are too loose to accommodate the swelling is doubly damaging as wearers often find that their feet rub due to being too loose in the morning and that they bruise and cut as the straps become tighter over the course of the day.

The Sandpiper 3-in-1 fitting system allows you to increase shoe width by 2 sizes, which can be expanded as your feet do, during the day.

Don’t settle for ill-fitting shoes any longer! Experience the joy of happy feet with Sandpiper’s practical yet stylish range and stop worrying about your feet.

Sandpiper Shoes: Comfort beyond Compare.