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Happy Feet Are Healthy Feet

Happy Feet Are Healthy Feet
By Kiri Novak 4 years ago 9370 Views No comments

A wash a day keeps the podiatrist away

Keeping your feet clean is part of keeping them healthy. Using warm soapy water but avoid soaking them for too long. Thoroughly dry them afterwards to keep them healthy.

Moisturise your movers

The skin on your feet do a lot of hard work as it takes the weight of your whole body on relatively small areast. Moisturising your feet gives back to your skin keeping it soft and supple (but make sure you avoid between the toes), and helps to avoid problems such as calluses. Using a pumice stone to remove hard skin keeps your feet looking and feeling lovely.

Neaten your nails

Trim your toenails regularly using proper nail clippers. This is very important because long nails pressing on shoes can cause ingrown toenails. It is equally important to cut your toenails straight across, without going down the sides of the nail, as this will also prevent ingrown nails.

Podiatrists & Chiropodist visits

Podiatrists & Chiropodist visits

We joked earlier that a wash a day will keep the podiatrist away but the truth is visiting podiatrists and chiropodists is great for the health of your feet. This is especially true as you get older and it can be helpful to book in a 6-monthly appointment to give your feet the attention they deserve.

Podiatrists can identify any problems with your feet and help you to maintain your normal mobility. Making a regular visit to the podiatrist and chiropodist is a key part of any foot health routine. You can find podiatrists and chiropodists through the Sandpiper Shoes specialised locator.

Shoes are not just shoes

Ida Ladies Moccasin

We spend most of our waking lives wearing some kind of footwear, be that slippers or shoes, and yet we can be inattentive when we choose them. Being that our feet carry the whole of our body weight and work so hard for us, it’s only fair that we make sure they have supportive, well-fitting and comfortable shoes to wear.

Many foot problems can be traced to wearing ill-fitting shoes. You need to make sure your shoes are made from durable, supple and breathable fabric. This keeps your feet free from rubbing and, ultimately, more hygienic.

The heel of your shoe is there to give you stability and should ideally be no higher than 4cm – 1 ½”. A cushioned sole will keep your joints and the soles of your feet happy whilst having adjustable straps or laces will ensure your feet are secure in your shoes as you go about your day. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing shoes that are tight around your toes. The ideal shoe should have a generously sized toe box in which your toes can move to prevent rubbing.

The NHS gives a very handy tip when they advise to shop for shoes in the afternoon. Your feet will swell throughout the day so shopping in the afternoon will help you to get shoes that are the right size. Sandpiper shoes are specially designed to give sensitive feet the ultimate comfort with soft materials, comfort padding and cushioned insoles.

Flip flops & Sandals

Neil Mens Ultra Wide 3H Fitting Sandal

Lastly, if you love having a morning swim, remember that in communal areas there are bugs. A simple tool for avoiding catching athlete’s foot or verrucas is to wear flip flops or slip-on sandals in communal areas. This keeps your feet from contact with the ground while still allowing you to use showering and changing facilities.

Sandpiper’s Shoes are specifically designed to provide your feet the comfort, health and happiness they deserve.