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NEW Fife Extra Wide Ladies Shoes 4E-6E

NEW Fife Extra Wide Ladies Shoes 4E-6E
By Edd Hartley 4 years ago 20400 Views No comments


Fife Ladies Extra Wide Shoes

New for 2017 is Fife an extra wide 4E-6E fitting shoe that has been designed as the result of customer demand.

Based on our popular sling back style Ferring, Fife offers the same great features and closed-in toe area but with the back-in giving great padding and support around the ankle and heel.

As with many of the Sandpiper Extra Wide shoes, Fife and Ferring offer the ultimate in comfort and adjustment for those people who struggle to find comfortable footwear because of medical conditions such as Bunions, Hammertoes or Diabetes. In particular, the deep toe box is really accommodating for problem toes.

For the ultimate in adjustment and adaptability, Fife and Ferring have the Sandpiper 3 in 1 fitting system. This includes two removable insoles in each shoe that offer the wearer 3 fitting options on each foot.

Wear with both insoles in for a 4E fitting, remove one insole to create a 5E fitting or remove both to give a 6E fitting or for use with your own orthotics. This sytem even allows the wearer to have a different number of insoles in each shoe for those with one foot slighter larger than the other.


  • Back-in (Fife)
  • Sling Back (Ferring)
  • Single strap touch fastening
  • Deep toe box
  • Non-slip sole
  • Padded ankle support
  • 3 in 1 fitting system
  • Two removable insoles giving 3 fitting options on each foot
  • Can accommodate your own orthotics
  • Ultra wide 4E-6E fitting
  • Available in sizes: 36-42
  • Available colours: Stone/Beige

Fife will be available this spring online at
Ferring is available now online at

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