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Sandals For Summer & Beyond

Sandals For Summer & Beyond
By Richard Williams 5 years ago 6039 Views No comments

Sometimes it’s tempting to pluck a pair of off-the-shelf flip-flops from the prongs at the supermarket, or even at the seaside, and ignore the warning signs of foot pain as you do your best to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family.

Thankfully the skilled makers of shoes at Sandpiper have it covered, having specially designed a very wide selection (yes, pun intended) of wide, extra wide, extra extra wide and ultra wide sandals perfect not just for summer, but also to give your pinkies some breathing space for home, garden or simply when out and about.

The majority of sandal styles in our 'Extra Wide' range have carefully designed openings to make them easy to put on and take off - even with very swollen feet.

What’s more, with a fully structured support beneath the foot from heel to arch, our sandals offer superior stability so you can be confident with each step you take.

Where our sandals feature touch fastening we have allowed for this in the strap design, providing maximum adjustment for optimum comfort. If you’re now visualising the end of the strap flapping about as you walk worry not – our design means it will fasten neatly against your foot every time.

With the summer sale now on at Sandpiper Shoes there’s never been a better time to walk about in comfort and style!

Sandpiper Shoes Summer Sale