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Sensitive Feet

Sensitive Feet
By Edd Hartley 4 years ago 14887 Views No comments

Sensitive Feet

As we all get older, our feet change shape, and often we lose some of the natural padding on the bottom of our feet, that is present in younger years. Foot pain should not be considered normal, and should be addressed by consulting a professional.

Many conditions such as oedema, diabetes, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, neurological and vascular disorders or kidney and heart disease can often be identified by early warning signs as symptoms in the feet. Some problems with feet develop through illness, some as a result of poorly fitted shoes.

Sandpiper shoes are made from specially softened leathers, and cleverly designed features to ensure the maximum conform for sensitive feet. From the padded ankle support, to the smooth soft linings, and the deeply cushioned insoles to the carefully crafted top-line, wearing Sandpiper is pure bliss for extra sensitive feet, especially if your feet have a tendency to swell a little during the day.

More next week...

Today has been a brief introduction to the next part of our blog. Next week we will be looking in depth at the different causes of swollen feet and ankles including Oedema and Lymphoedema. Stay tuned over the next few weeks and into the new year for information on Diabetes, Bunions, Corns and Arthritis and how they can affect your feet.

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