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Corns and Calluses

By Edd Hartley 4 years ago 8659 Views 2 comments

Corns and calluses are areas of hard, thickened skin that develop when the skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. They commonly occur on the feet and can cause pain and discomfort when you walk.

Bunions: Causes and Treatment

By Edd Hartley 4 years ago 9186 Views 4 comments


A bunion is a bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe. The medical name is hallux valgus. The main sign of a bunion is the big toe pointing towards the other toes on the same foot, which may force the foot bone attached to it (the first metatarsal) to stick outwards.

Swollen Feet and Ankles

By Edd Hartley 4 years ago 18109 Views No comments

Swollen feet and ankles are usually as a result of Oedema. This is the medical term for fluid retention in the body. The build-up of fluid causes affected tissue to become swollen. The swelling can occur in one particular part of the body – for example, as the result of an injury – or it can be more general.