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Why You Need To Wear Comfortable Shoes

Why You Need To Wear Comfortable Shoes
By Richard Williams 5 years ago 7795 Views No comments

Fortunately the shoemakers at Sandpiper Shoes have made it their life’s mission to sculpt and mould footwear designed to accommodate every type of foot shape and foot ailment known to man and womankind, as well as those blessed with feet that cause them fewer problems in life.

So, why do you need to wear comfortable shoes?


If you’re grimacing and reaching for the Elastoplast to protect your blistered sore feet after wearing your new shoes then something is wrong. With properly fitted comfortable shoes you shouldn’t suffer from dreaded blisters.

Feeling Sensitive?

As we get older our feet change shape and often we lose some of the natural padding on the bottom of our feet that was present in our younger years. Cheap or otherwise substandard footwear made of inferior materials will do little to cushion your feet. Sandpiper shoes are made from specially softened leathers and with cleverly designed features to ensure the maximum comfort for sensitive feet

You’ve Got A Nerve!

Ill-fitting shoes, especially ones that are too tight (but they look divine you protest!) could be doing untold damage to your feet. Donning shoes in this way could promote conditions such as Morton’s neuroma, a painful condition affecting nerves between the toes, often leading to surgery.


Corns and calluses are areas of hard thickened skin that develop when the skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. They commonly occur on the feet and can cause pain and discomfort when you walk in poorly fitted shoes.

Body & Mind

No matter how good they look, any confidence gained from wearing designer shoes that are not comfortable will be short-lived. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will often affect your whole body as it adjusts to compensate, affecting your posture and, ultimately, your wellbeing if you continue to wear them. Grimacing as you smile is not a price worth paying.

From the padded ankle support, to the smooth soft linings, and the deeply cushioned insoles to the carefully crafted topline, wearing Sandpiper Shoes is pure bliss for extra sensitive feet, especially if your feet have a tendency to swell a little during the day or suffer from blisters.