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Mens Extra Wide Fitting Shoes

Sandpiper Shoes are able to offer our customers a carefully designed range of comfort shoes for swollen feet. While shoes for swollen feet do require that extra bit of room, it is equally important that they should look neat and stylish too. We have gone to great lengths to keep the appearance looking smart, even for the widest, and most difficult of feet.

Take a look at some of the features of our Extra Wide Footwear for Problem Feet

3 in 1 Fitting System

Many of our shoe styles feature the 3 in 1 fitting system, which incorporates two removable socks in each shoe. You therefore have a choice of three fittings - from one pair of shoes! This also means you can adjust the individual fitting for each foot, in case one foot is wider than the other, or one foot swells more than the other. Maybe your feet swell more in the afternoon and evening? This is no problem as you can simply remove the in socks later in the day to give your feet a little extra room.

  • Wear with both socks for maximum cushioning
  • Remove the middle sock to give extra room
  • Remove both socks for use with your own orthotics, or to give even more room,i.e. for bandaged or swollen feet.

Extra Wide Openings

Most styles in our range of extra wide shoes for women and men have extra wide openings to make them easy to put on and take off - even with very swollen feet.

Removable and washable insocks

Many of our sandals, shoes and boots have removable in socks that can be removed and washed at 30°C to keep your extra wide shoes or sandals looking and smelling fresh.

Underfoot Support

Unlike many comfort shoe brands, our design incorporates a full structured support under the foot from the heel to the arch to give stability when walking and only allowing the foot to flex where the foot flexes naturally.

Long Straps for Maximum Adjustment

Extra wide fitting shoes need extra long straps for maximum adjustment. On the styles that have the touch fastening, we have carefully included extra length in the strap design – so no need for ugly strap extensions. The straps offer maximum adjustment, even for very swollen feet. The straps are also designed to fasten neatly against the foot to avoid unsightly flapping straps as you walk!