1. Why You Need To Wear Comfortable Shoes

    Why You Need To Wear Comfortable Shoes
    Are you flat footed? Perhaps you’ve been told (and privately concede) that your feet are a odd unique shape, at odds with the rest of us? Or maybe your twinkling toes simple wiggle excitedly at the end of your especially wide feet? Even if your feet epitomise perfect proportions, with a ballet dancer’s poise, the same conclusion can be drawn: you need to wear comfortable shoes.
  2. Sandals For Summer & Beyond

    Sandals For Summer & Beyond
    Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be thinking about during these sacred summer weeks is a visit to the podiatrist or even putting your feet on ice rather than a sandy beach, all because you wore a pair of sandals or flip flops that did your feet no favours.
  3. Happy Feet Are Healthy Feet

    Happy Feet Are Healthy Feet
    It’s important that we look after our feet. After all, we spend most of our time on them. That being said, it’s easy to look after the rest of our body and forget about the limbs which carry us around all day. Indeed, our feet are likely to carry us the equivalent of 5 times around the earth in an average lifetime. Here at Sandpiper Shoes we know the value of caring for your feet, and the difference it can make to your long-term foot health and your happiness. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy!
  4. Footwear & Tips For Diabetics

    Footwear & Tips For Diabetics
    As a diabetic, there are certain things you have to manage, including sore feet. Having uncomfortable feet is perhaps one of the least well-known and understood obstacles that those managing diabetes encounter. Whether insensitive to damage, prone to cuts and infection, or likely to swell, our feet are severely affected by diabetes. Trying to find a pair of shoes which accommodate and make these changes more bearable is difficult, and whilst some shoes like sandals may be fine during the warmer months, you also need a trusty pair of shoes to get you through the winter.
  5. How to choose the correct shoes

    How to choose the correct shoes
    We expect a lot from our feet, and they provide us with the means to enjoy life to the full, yet we rarely give them the attention and care they need or deserve. In fact, our feet are likely to carry us the equivalent of 5 times around the earth in an average lifetime, and we spend nearly 100% of our waking lives wearing footwear, and even so, we often find ourselves wearing poorly fitted, unsuitable, or uncomfortable footwear. That is why at Sandpiper, we are obsessive in providing top quality care for feet. We can express our mission in just 5 simple words: Happy Customers with Comfortable Feet This guide is provided to show you what to look for when selecting footwear, how to keep your feet healthy, and how to enjoy life to the full, simply by understanding what footwear your feet need.
  6. Welcome to the new Sandpiper website!

    Welcome to the new Sandpiper website!
    We have recently updated our website, designed to work on all devices and showcasing our new branding and product ranges.
  7. Walford Ladies Extra Wide Stretch Shoes

    Walford Ladies Extra Wide Stretch Shoes
    Our popular Walford Ladies Stretch Shoe is now also available in Brown or Navy. The styling is stylish yet understated, whilst the shoe features our elastane stretch feature, where the entire forepart of the shoe is made from super stretchy elastane material! Perfect for those with sensitive feet or problem toes!
  8. Sven Men's Elastane Slipper

    Sven Men's Elastane Slipper
    A deep and accommodating slipper with a stretchy elastane top surface to ensure the ultimate comfort for your toes! With extra long straps and a removable insole, Sven offers a wide range of adjustment whilst being equally at home as a soft lightweight shoe as it is being a cosy slipper.
  9. New From Sandpiper

    New From Sandpiper
    New from Sandpiper this Autumn is the Fargo (4E-6E) Ladies Extra Wide Shoe. Fargo is a super soft, super practical shoe. Featuring a dual-strap touch fastening this shoe offers fantastic adjustment across the top of your foot for ultimate comfort. Like the style but don't need our extra wide fitting? Why not take a look at brand new Louise (EE) Wide Fitting Comfort Shoe from Suave by Sandpiper. Shimmer and shine on a stylish dual strap touch fastening shoe. The dual strap touch fastening offers even better support and adjustment over the instep.
  10. Ladies Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E

    Ladies Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E
    Ladies Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E Sandpiper extra wide fitting ladies slippers are designed to give you extra depth, ideal for wide or swollen feet. Most styles are machine washable and sanitised for extra freshness. Today we look at the main features of Selina, Sophie and Wendy. All of which feature Ultra wide fitting, 2 in 1 fitting system and non-slip outdoor sole. All offer amazing comfort and features to cater for awkward or problem feet.

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