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Walford Ladies Extra Wide Stretch Shoes

By Edd Hartley 4 days ago 13 Views No comments

Our popular Walford Ladies Stretch Shoe is now also available in Brown or Navy.

The styling is stylish yet understated, whilst the shoe features our elastane stretch feature, where the entire forepart of the shoe is made from super stretchy elastane material! Perfect for those with sensitive feet or problem toes!

Sven Men's Elastane Slipper

By Edd Hartley 11 days ago 16 Views No comments

A deep and accommodating slipper with a stretchy elastane top surface to ensure the ultimate comfort for your toes!

With extra long straps and a removable insole, Sven offers a wide range of adjustment whilst being equally at home as a soft lightweight shoe as it is being a cosy slipper.

New From Sandpiper

By Edd Hartley 18 days ago 31 Views No comments

New from Sandpiper this Autumn is the Fargo (4E-6E) Ladies Extra Wide Shoe.

Fargo is a super soft, super practical shoe. Featuring a dual-strap touch fastening this shoe offers fantastic adjustment across the top of your foot for ultimate comfort.

Like the style but don't need our extra wide fitting? Why not take a look at brand new Louise (EE) Wide Fitting Comfort Shoe from Suave by Sandpiper.

Shimmer and shine on a stylish dual strap touch fastening shoe. The dual strap touch fastening offers even better support and adjustment over the instep.

Ladies Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E

By Edd Hartley 7 months ago 932 Views No comments

Ladies Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E

Sandpiper extra wide fitting ladies slippers are designed to give you extra depth, ideal for wide or swollen feet. Most styles are machine washable and sanitised for extra freshness.

Today we look at the main features of Selina, Sophie and Wendy. All of which feature Ultra wide fitting, 2 in 1 fitting system and non-slip outdoor sole. All offer amazing comfort and features to cater for awkward or problem feet.

NEW Men's Ultra Wide Sandals 3H

By Edd Hartley 7 months ago 951 Views No comments


Men's Ultra Wide Sandals 3H

New for 2017 in our men's ultra wide sandals range is Norman & Ted. Norman is an ultra wide mule that opens completely flat while Ted gives the fresh airy feel of a full sandal but with great support around the heel and protection for sensitive toes.

Mens Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E

By Edd Hartley 8 months ago 1055 Views No comments

Men's Ultra Wide Slippers 4E-6E

For men who suffer from swollen feet and ankles, Sandpiper can offer an unrivalled selection of slippers that meet the needs of those who require something other than regular shoe sizes.

Today we look at the main features of Steve, Gary, Walter and Wesley. All of which feature Ultra wide fitting, 2 in 1 fitting system and non-slip outdoor sole. When nothing else will fit, take a look at Walter and Wesley which feature the fold flat capability.

NEW Zurich Ultra Wide Ladies Shoes 6E-8E

By Edd Hartley 8 months ago 1477 Views No comments


Zurich Ladies Extra Wide Shoes

New for 2017 is Zurich an ultra wide and extra deep 6E-8E fitting shoe. The Sandpiper range has not included such a wide fitting shoe for a few seasons but due to customer demand the 6E-8E fitting is back

Walford/Walmer Elastane Extra Wide Shoes 4E-6E

Our elastane stretch fitting styles, Walford and Walmer, offer a perfect solution for those with awkward toes, bunions or problem feet.

Ladies Extra Wide Bootee Slippers 4E-6E

By Edd Hartley 8 months ago 644 Views No comments

Ladies Extra Wide Bootee Slippers


Val is the best looking bootee slipper you will find for swollen feet and is a consistently popular style with our customers.


For those who want something a little more exciting on their feet, Vera is a bright, great looking style where you won't have to sacrifice any comfort to look great.

The wide opening and the supportive extra long touch fastening strap make this a really practical slipper, rated 5/5 by our customers on independent product review site Feefo.

NEW Fife Extra Wide Ladies Shoes 4E-6E

By Edd Hartley 8 months ago 1065 Views No comments


Fife Ladies Extra Wide Shoes

New for 2017 is Fife an extra wide 4E-6E fitting shoe that has been designed as the result of customer demand.

Based on our popular sling back style Ferring, Fife offers the same great features and closed-in toe area but with the back-in giving great padding and support around the ankle and heel.

As with many of the Sandpiper Extra Wide shoes, Fife and Ferring offer the ultimate in comfort and adjustment for those people who struggle to find comfortable footwear because of medical conditions such as Bunions, Hammertoes or Diabetes. In particular, the deep toe box is really accommodating for problem toes.

Orthotics & Supports

By Edd Hartley 10 months ago 567 Views No comments


Orthotics and arch supports are regularly recommended by physiotherapists, podiatrists and orthotists for the relief of foot pain, heel pain, shin pain, knee pain and back pain. Often, a biomechanical mal-alignment or lack of stability from the foot region can cause abnormal loads on the tissues of the foot and heel, shin, knee or back pain can develop as a result.

Fitting orthotics to ordinary shoes, can negatively affect the balance of the shoe, and also make it difficult to achieve a good fit, as the extra depth of the insole in the shoe lifts the foot slightly out of the shoe. The Sandpiper design, incorporates one or sometimes two removable insoles, so that the extra depth of an orthotic can be compensated by removing the insole in the shoe, and ensure a snug fit against the foot, and maintain the balance of the shoe.

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