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Extra Wide Comfort Shoes in Hitchin.

Wherever you live, it’s not easy to find comfortable shoes if your feet are wide or swollen, but in Hitchin, Sandpiper Footwear is easily available.

A wide range of footwear and hosiery in Extra Wide Fittings available right here in Hitchin.  We have a high quality range of comfort shoes, slippers and sandals for wide, swollen or sensitive feet, including shoes for diabetics and shoes for orthotics, plus extra large hosiery for swollen legs and feet.

Available from your local stockist, or order online for fast delivery with free returns.  

Call 0800 822 3133 for a brochure, or more details about this specialist range of Sandpiper Footwear and Hosiery for wide and extra wide feet.

Shoes for Diabetics

Sandpiper Shoes are ideally suited to diabetics' needs due to their super soft leather uppers, leather lining, lightweight construction and seam free design.

Correct footwear is a very important part of providing for diabetes.  The longer a diabetic goes without properly caring for their feet, the worse their feet will become.

Many people who suffer from diabetes end up injuring themselves due to not following proper foot care and all it takes is a serious commitment to learning what diabetes does to your body and your lower limbs in particular and then taking steps to minimize the risks for tissue damage.

Without proper diabetic foot care, this condition is serious enough to cause foot ulcers, irritation, infections of the flesh and bone, hammertoes, bunions, and even amputation. There is no easy way out, but simply wearing the correct footwear can make a huge difference in your constant struggle to care for your feet.

Shoes for Diabetics need to have soft padded collars, wherever the shoe is in contact with the foot.  Sandpiper Shoes, have just that; the padding round the top line of the shoe ensures that the ankle and foot are protected from hard edges that could cut into the foot, or rub the foot and ankle.

Many of the styles in the Sandpiper collection, feature virtually seam-free design, ensuring that there are no seams to rub the foot, particularly at the front of the shoe.  The soft leather lining also helps to give maximum breathability, which is essential if you suffer from diabetes.  Synthetic linings - even if breathable - will draw perspiration from the foot, which can in turn cause infection which can be particularly difficult to cure for diabetics.

The specially soft 'toe-puff' in Sandpiper shoes provides an extra deep toe box to allow the toes to move freely and avoid rubbing, but ensures that there is no hard edge that can catch or cut the foot when putting your shoe on or off. 

Persons who suffer from diabetes, often find that their feet swell during the day, which makes it difficult to find suitable footwear, as in the morning the shoes are too lose, and by the evening the shoes feel tight.  The Sandpiper 3in1 fitting system means that you can increase the shoe width by 2 fittings, which is ideal for achieving the perfect fit throughout the day.

Don't wait a moment longer; find the most comfortable range of shoes for diabetics, and not only look after your feet better than ever before, but also find the blissful comfort in wearing Sandpiper Shoes - we call it Comfort beyond Compare.

Shoes for Orthotics

Sandpiper provide exceptional comfort for all wearers, and the removable insole makes them ideal for anyone who needs a shoe designed to accommodate a prescription orthotic.  Many styles feature either one or two removable insoles which may be removed to accommodate orthotics or specialist insoles.